Women’s Coding School Bridges Gender Gap

Code to Inspire teaches Afghan women computer coding and empowers them to find employment or pursue entrepreneurial ventures.

Code to Inspire provides courses in coding, access to tech and professional resources, as well as help with job placement, enabling Afghan women to attain employment that is financially viable and socially accessible. Participants are given one year of free education in coding within educational game development and mobile applications. Furthermore, Code to Inspire makes strategic partnerships with corporations and non-profits so its students will have internship and employment opportunities as well as entrepreneurial opportunities after graduation.
In areas where women’s travel can be heavily restricted, the ability to work remotely is crucial in helping women access employment. To strengthen economic security, Code to Inspire has teamed up with Bitcoin to quickly and safely connect the participating women to the global economy. Code to Inspire is currently educating 50 students.

Relevance of solution

According to Code to Inspire, 85% of Afghan women have no formal education and are illiterate.The organization addresses this crisis by providing women with the skills and education needed to compete and succeed in the digital global marketplace and help build sustainable societies.

Triple Bottom Line


Through challenge based training, students are taught to develop technical solutions to real-life problems, empowering them to build resilient communities.


Providing young women with education in coding breaks down gender barriers and better equips women to participate in society.


When women control income they invest in the health and education of their children, which reduces poverty.1


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