Water-Saving Pumps Made from Recycled Materials

Neptuno Pumps designs and manufactures energy- efficient water-saving pumps made from recycled materials.

Located in the driest place on Earth – the Atacama Desert in Chile – Neptuno Pumps designs and manufactures recycled water pumps for the mining industry. The company produces 60% of its pumps with reused and recycled materials sourced from discarded pumps and industrial waste. Neptuno’s pumps are used in the water recycling process, where mining companies can recycle up to 70% of water used and reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, according to the company.

In collaboration with partner companies, Neptuno has established a take-back system for used or broken pumps and has also introduced a remanufacturing center, open to the entire Chilean mining industry, where companies can bring their broken pump of any brand for repair. Neptuno Pumps plans to manufacture 90% of its products with recycled and reused materials within the next five years.

Relevance of solution

The mining industry is the main pillar of the Chilean economy - copper alone accounts for 60% of the country’s exports - and uses significant quantities of water.1 Neptuno Pumps provides an immediate, ready-to-use solution that helps a notoriously unsustainable industry mitigate some of its harmful environmental impacts.

Triple Bottom Line


According to a company study, the circular approach can help reduce production waste by up to 75%, while the energy use in upcycling pumps is reduced by 70% compared to standard pumps.


The solution addresses water scarcity caused by the mining industry’s excessive water consumption, which severely affects local communities.


Remanufacturing pumps reduces pump costs by up to 30% and maintains the same warranty as the industry standard.


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