Upcycling Old Blankets into Coats

Dutch design duo Wintervacht is giving new life to textiles that have otherwise lost their purpose by making coats from old blankets without compromising on style, quality, and aesthetics.

Wintervacht designs and creates coats from 30 to 40-year-old blankets,which are handpicked and sourced from local sorting facilities, requiring no new blankets or other textile in the production of the coats. The company uses smart cutting techniques, ensuring the blankets are cut to maximize the amount of blanket material used in making a coat or jacketĀ and minimizing waste cut-off s. The remaining cut-off s are used for hair bands and accessories, and the pockets of the coats are lined with vintage curtains.
The coats and jackets are made from 100% upcycled materials. With no bleach, dyeing or finishing applied in the process, the products are a good example of designers upcycling old textiles into stylish new clothing.

Relevance of solution

Upcycling fabric and textiles no longer serving their original purpose into new fashion collections addresses some of the major issues concerning resource use and textile waste faced by the global fashion industry. Water and energy consumption in the creation of new garments are also largely reduced by recycling initiatives like Wintervacht.

Triple Bottom Line


Upcycling pre-used fabrics in production saves energy, chemicals, water, and raw materials.


Wintervacht collaborates with a local sewing atelier that teaches women entrepreneurial skills to start their own businesses.


By sourcing blankets from flea markets and sorting facilities for discarded textiles, Wintervacht has significantly lowered its production costs.