Smart Platform for Leasing Clothes

Le Tote is a circular, subscription-based clothing and accessories platform with rental options for both maternity wear and classic wear.

Le Tote is a fashion subscription service enabling members to lease clothing and accessories for $59 per month and maternity clothing for $69 per month. Each shipment includes three pieces of clothing and two accessories, curated using Le Tote’s smart algorithm, which customizes clothes based on previous preferences. Members can swap items ahead of delivery, keep them as long as they like, and have the option to purchase leased items for 20% to 50% off retail prices.

Le Tote has developed an apparel cleaning process that utilizes biodegradable detergents, resulting in a 36% more efficient cleaning process, 43% lower electricity usage, and 50% less water consumption than regular cleaning processes. The company partners with charity and consignment organizations that receive clothing after it is taken out of circulation.

Relevance of solution

Textile waste going into landfills as a result of overspending and overproduction is a global issue. In USA alone, people buy five times as much clothing as they did in 1980, and on average, 80% of a woman’s wardrobe is not worn on a regular basis.1 Le Tote’s return model addresses this issue by ensuring long garment lifespans and reducing textile waste.

Triple Bottom Line


In USA alone, the average person throws away 37 kg of textiles each year, of which 85% is sent to landfill.2


The leasing model ensures people only pay for and keep clothes and accessories they are actually using.


In USA, the average consumer spends about $1,700 a year on apparel, with women spending more.3 Rental and leasing options provide an alternative with significantly reduced expenses.


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