Sharing Marketplace for Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare organizations and institutions around the world share equipment, services, facilities, and skills and knowledge of personnel via an online platform.

FLOOW2 Healthcare is a sharing marketplace on which healthcare organizations and institutions anywhere in the world can rent out or lease temporarily redundant or needed equipment, services, and facilities. The platform unites supply and demand by making it simple to see who needs something or has something available, allowing healthcare organizations to generate additional turnover and lower costs through asset sharing.
The marketplace works both within and between healthcare organizations, such as hospitals. As such, FLOOW2 Healthcare facilitates a more transparent and efficient use of assets within a company. The service is free for users that just want to search and rent, while those that wish to advertise excess equipment can choose between three affordable price options. Since launching in 2015, the marketplace has been deployed in 11 countries.

Relevance of solution

Globally, the healthcare sector is expected to grow in coming years due to growing and aging populations.1 Additionally, healthcare facility activities are estimated to represent 3% to 8% of the climate change footprint in developed countries.2 When making more efficient use of what’s already there, healthcare organizations use fewer raw materials and shrink their waste footprint.

Triple Bottom Line


When using FLOOW2 Healthcare, fewer new pieces of equipment have to be produced, resulting in less energy and raw materials use.


By allowing essential equipment to be shared, FLOOW2 Healthcare can reduce waiting times for services and procedures, improving the patient experience.


When organizations rent or sell assets, they generate additional revenue, improving return on investment.


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