Prefabricated Wood Construction Apartments

Lindbäcks constructs prefabricated apartments and multi-story blocks using an environmentally friendly wood frame structural system.

Lindbäcks, a 90-year-old Swedish company, uses modern technology to develop and build wooden apartments that are prefabricated indoors using an automated process and assembled quickly and safely onsite, for a fixed price. The company develops customized projects that are both cost-competitive and environmentally friendly due to the wooden structures. Each week, Lindbäcks completes around 20 apartment units. Lindbäcks is building a new factory, designed to mainly run on renewables, to triple the company’s output of sustainable, cost-effi cient wooden buildings. The factory will open by the end of 2017, and 50% of the new hires will be women.

Relevance of solution

The amount of building expected over the next 40 years will equal the building that has taken place in the history of mankind.1 To build sustainably at this pace, a change in materials and construction processes is necessary. Wood is a sustainable material, being a part of nature’s ecosystem and a sink for CO2. Additionally, forests produce oxygen and filter the air around us.

Triple Bottom Line


Besides being of high quality, the apartments are very energy efficient.


Growing forests increases the production of oxygen and cleans the air around us.


By mass-producing prefabricated units and quickly assembling onsite, Lindbäcks is able to bring down construction costs.


  1. Swedish Wood Building Council. ("Sustainable Housing – The Way is Wood.” Undated.)