Practical Training and Mentors Spark Entrepreneurship

Educate! works with schools to provide youth with skills training in entrepreneurship and workforce readiness, along with mentorship to start real businesses at school.

Educate! utilizes mentorship programs, practical skills training, and student business clubs to teach pupils in Ugandan and Rwandan secondary schools to solve local problems by starting social enterprises and community projects. Under the model, mentors each work with 40 selected students at partnering schools. These students then practice their leadership skills by mentoring three lower secondary students.

Educate!’s students recruit and collaborate with other students in their schools to create student business clubs, which are experiential platforms for students to start enterprises in teams, with support from their mentor. To keep its model sustainable, Educate! trains at least two teachers and one administrator from each school in how to use their teaching methods. Educate! is working in Uganda and Rwanda so far, reaching 335,000 students in 2016 alone.

Relevance of solution

Africa has the youngest population of all continents, with 200 million people aged between 15 and 24. At the same time, youth account for 60% of all unemployed people in Africa.1 With 94% of its graduates now running a business, holding a job, or attending university, Educate! empowers this young workforce and helps solve problems of unemployment.

Triple Bottom Line


One Educate! graduate started a business employing out-of-school youth to collect trash, sort and recycle its paper contents, and turn it into toilet paper, which is then sold locally.


Educate! addresses the high youth unemployment rate in Uganda, with 60% of business-owning graduates employing at least one additional person.


Educate! graduates earn double the income of a control group of other Ugandan students.


  1. UN. ”Africa’s Youth: a “Ticking Time Bomb” or an Opportunity?” (2013)