Personalized Platform Streamlines City Services

DigiTel is an online platform that improves and personalizes communication about municipal services between the Tel-Aviv city officials and residents.

DigiTel gives citizens access to personalized municipal information and services by e-mail, text message, app, or website. Based on information such as age, place of residence, and personally selected preferences, the platform provides residents with location-based updates and alerts about everything from road work to nearby bicycle-sharing stations. Aside from infrastructure alerts, DigiTel also seeks to improve urban life by, for instance, sending reminders for school registration or cultural events taking place in the city.
The platform allows for two-way communication, so residents are able to report service issues to the city as well as carry out activities such as bill-paying and applying for parking permits. Any Tel-Aviv resident over the age of 13 is eligible to join the digital platform, and so far almost half of Tel Aviv’s approximately 425,000 residents have signed up.

Relevance of solution

Up to 75% of global CO2 emissions come from cities. Buildings and transport are two of the largest contributors, but they are also areas in which cities have a good deal of control.1 By creating an easy flow of information between citizens and the municipality, DigiTel is helping streamline city services, creating conditions for sustainable urban development.

Triple Bottom Line


The platform’s location-based services make it easy for residents to take greener transportation options, such as public transit and bikes, by informing them of nearby stations, bike-share locations, and bike lanes.


Providing a platform for direct communication between the municipality and residents fosters and promotes civic engagement.


DigiTel supports the local economy by encouraging the use of local services by, for example, alerting residents of last-minute tickets for theaters in Tel-Aviv.


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