Parental Work-Exchange Funds Schools

Maya Universe Academy provides quality education to low-income communities through work-exchange programs with students’ parents.

Maya Universe Academy is a social enterprise focused on improving the accessibility of quality education in rural Nepal. The Maya Model utilizes the skills and time of the students’ parents in order to improve classroom education and other learning opportunities for its 377 pupils. Parents commit to work at the school for two days per month, per child enrolled, allowing Maya to cover the costs of running the school.
At Maya Universe Academy, education is provided by both full time teachers as well as volunteers from all parts of the world. By focusing on flexible learning styles, physical games, and board games, the students are given the opportunity to express and develop leadership skills and strategic thinking. Utilizing parents’ workforce, both students and parents get hands-on experience in agriculture, animal husbandry, expressive arts and computer skills.

Relevance of solution

Many developing countries lack the resources to provide quality education.1 By providing quality schooling to more than 300 disadvantaged school children, Maya Universe Academy is increasing access to education and equipping students with the relevant skills to break out of cyclical poverty.

Triple Bottom Line


Maya Universe Academy’s integrated school and business system conserves resources by recycling school waste into handicrafts, animal feed and fertilizer.


Maya Universe Academy provides an opportunity for poor rural communities to break the poverty cycle by providing almost free quality education.


Maya Universe Academy re-invests its earnings in education, boarding, scholarship opportunities, and employment.


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