Locally-Made Animal-Free Clothing

Vegan fashion house VAUTE creates animal-free clothing with the same insulation factor and quality as woollen knits and leatherwear.

VAUTE has developed an outerwear collection, as well as knitwear and accessories, made from animal-free, locally manufactured materials. The garments are made from 100% organically sourced fabric with no use of leather, fur, wool, mohair, silk, or other animal products.

VAUTE creates its coats from organic cotton moleskin, insulated with recycled Primaloft fiber, a synthetic microfiber thermal insulation, as an alternative to feathers. The hats are made from recycled plastic bottles, hand-blocked in
one of USA’s few remaining hat factories. The knitwear products are created with a single-thread technology, where the sweater is knitted with one continuous string of yarn, leaving no waste stream post-production. In 2013, VAUTE
participated in New York Fashion Week as the first vegan fashion house.

Relevance of solution

Animal breeding for clothing purposes, and chemical treatment of products from animals such as leather and fur, often cause negative impacts for workers, the environment, and animals. By creating sustainable alternatives to animal skins, VAUTE is deviating from the traditional production methods.

Triple Bottom Line


By not using animal products, VAUTE avoids the chemical-intensive, polluting processing and tanning of skin.


In a bid to increase animal welfare awareness, VAUTE creates two monthly awareness T-shirt designs supporting non-profits.


By using local cut and sew production, VAUTE supports local markets.