Solutions developed in United States (USA)


Intelligent Indoor Farming Platform

Agrilyst’s platform tracks and analyzes indoor farm data in one place, enabling farmers to monitor and optimize plant performance and reduce operating expenses.

Embracing Water in a Delta City

The Gentilly Resilience District seeks to reduce flood risk, slow land subsidence, improve public health, and create jobs in a fl ood-prone, mixed-income area of New Orleans.

Growing Bricks with Bacteria

BioMASON’s technology combines microorganisms with locally available materials to produce bricks in just a few days, and with a smaller environmental impact.

Shower Head Optimizes Water Usage

Nebia’s advanced nozzle technology atomizes a normal solid stream of water into millions of little droplets that significantly reduce water use, while enhancing comfort.

Algae-Based 3D-Printing Feedstock

Bringing algae from pond to production, ALGIX utilizes algae blooms to produce biodegradable 3D-printing feedstock, which requires less energy during the printing process.