Clean Water through Solar- Powered ATMs

Piramal Sarjaval’s water-dispensing ATMs deliver clean drinking water to underserved communities throughout India.

Through its water-dispensing ATMs, Piramal Sarjaval delivers clean drinking water to more than 300,000 people every day across 12 Indian states. Customers purchase the water with pay-as-you-go smart cards, and as the water-dispensing ATMs are solar powered and cloud connected, the company is able to remotely track water quality and transactions.
Alongside their 180 water-dispensing ATMs, the company builds and manages more than 390 water purification units. Piramal Sarjaval operates under a franchise-based business model, meaning all ATMs and purification units are operated by local community members employed under the system. Water is priced affordably, at a fraction of the cost of bottled water, and the system’s ease and structure makes accessing safe water hassle-free.

Relevance of solution

Seventy-six million Indians do not have access to clean water, a major contributing factor to the 140,000 child deaths each year from diarrheal diseases.1 By making safe, clean water more accessible and affordable, Piramal Sarjaval’s water-dispensing ATMs provide a crucial service to underserved populations throughout India.

Triple Bottom Line


By treating and purifying water, Piramal Sarjaval prevents more unsafe and polluted water from entering the environment.


According to the company, rural Indian women spend 700 hours each year collecting water. Bringing clean water to their communities frees up valuable time for other activities.


Piramal Sarjaval generates about $4 million of economic activity in the local communities in which it operates, according to the company.


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