Circular Model for Office Inventory

Warp It is a subscription-based networking software that connects organizations and enables them to receive, give, or loan a wide range of office equipment.

Warp It facilitates redistribution and reuse of office inventory, equipment, and surplus assets between public, private, and not-for-profit organizations, reducing the need for new equipment and keeping perfectly fine inventory from going to landfills. Through a web application, unwanted resources are advertised to interested subscribers who are matched based on inventory need and asset surplus. The network partners have achieved combined savings of more than $8.4 million, while avoiding 2,484 metric tons of CO2 emissions.

When items are broken, Warp It repairs and reintroduces them into the system. Exchanged goods range from furniture and office consumables like stationary and ink cartridges to electrical, lab, and medical equipment. Warp It is in operation in the UK, with more than 400 partners, and is currently expanding to USA and Australia.

Relevance of solution

Worldwide, more than $1 trillion a year could be generated by 2025 from a successful move to circular business models.1 Warp It Reuse Network is paving the way for a more circular economy by connecting companies with surplus equipment, extending the life of old items and reducing the need for new goods.

Triple Bottom Line


According to the company, the model has so far diverted 857 metric tons of office equipment from landfills.


A case study from one city conducted by the company showed a total of 100 jobs had been saved due to income from selling surplus inventory, over the course of a year.


The circular model has resulted in combined savings of $8.4 million.


  1. New Climate Economy. “Better Growth, Better Climate.” (2014)