Beef-Flavored Plant-Based Burgers

Using advanced technology, Impossible Foods copies the taste and texture of meat and dairy products to create a 100% plant-based alternative.

Impossible Foods is working to produce cheese, eggs, and meats utilizing only plant matter. Their trademark product is a cheeseburger that tastes like the real deal but is made from plants. The company believes its meat-like flavor and texture will convince even ardent burger lovers to eat less meat.
Their technological discovery is based on utilization of heme, a protein found in both meat and plants. Combining plants such as honeydew melons and coconuts, Impossible Foods has created something that, according to critics who have tried it, looks, smells, and tastes similar to ground beef. By providing consumers with meat and dairy products made entirely from plants, Impossible Foods’ creations will enable people to satisfy cravings without causing serious harm to the environment.

Relevance of solution

Operations producing meat and dairy products cover 30% of the Earth’s land surface, and the industries are a major source of water and air pollution.1 With meat consumption expected to double globally by 2050 because of population growth and rising affluence,2 the environmental impact is expected to worsen. A simple and effective solution is to provide meat and dairy products made entirely from plants.

Triple Bottom Line


Producing Impossible Foods’ burgers uses 99% less land, 85% less water and emits 89% less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional animal-derived beef.


Impossible Foods’ products are free of cholesterol, hormones, antibiotics, and slaughterhouse contaminants.


Requiring less land and water makes plants a cost-effective alternative in producing meat and dairy-like products.


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