App to Remotely Monitor Beehives

This remotely monitored scale for beehives provides beekeepers with real-time data on the state of their hives, allowing them to improve conditions for bees, which are vital for pollination.

Optibee is an electronic scale connected to an app that remotely monitors the condition of beehives. The solution continously measures and transmits live data regarding the weight of the hive, its temperature, and status of the apiary to measure productivity and detect swarms or anomalies, helping to optimize the condition of the apiaries. The remote-monitoring system also ensures beekeepers need to visit and work on their hives only when necessary.
Optibee is a strategic tool that enables apiculturists to harvest at the right time or to treat urgent issues, such as famine. It also makes it possible to analyze all data collected in season to better prepare for the next year. By tracking factors such as humidity and temperature, it also enables the beekeeper to map nectar sources and diagnose sudden hive deaths.

Relevance of solution

Colony Collapse Disorder killed 40% of all honeybees in USA from 2014 to 2015.1 As honeybees pollinate one-third of all food we eat, their well-being is imperative to food security. By providing a smart and effective way to monitor beehives, Optibee helps beekeepers improve food security.

Triple Bottom Line


Pollination enables 90% of our wild plants and more than 30% of the world’s crops to thrive.2


Honeybees pollinate 35% of the world’s crop production, making them vital for ensuring food security.3


By monitoring performance indicators, beekeepers can increase the productivity of the apiaries, which in turn increases their profits.


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