App Provides Urban Air Quality Forecast

The Plume Air Report is a free air quality forecast app, monitoring air pollution to predict patterns and pollution peaks in cities.

The app utilizes open data from pollution monitoring stations to consolidate and predict pollution levels in more than 300 cities around the world. The app tracks air pollution in real-time, allowing the user to stay ahead of pollution through personalized alerts and recommendations. By doing so, it aims to help users avoid outdoor activities when air quality is most harmful.
Plume Labs’ ambition is to use wearable, personal, miniaturized sensors to track the main pollutants and provide urban citizens with personal exposure data and actionable recommendations.

Relevance of solution

Globally, air pollution kills 7 million people every year;1 in northern China it reduces life expectancy by five and a half years.2 The Plume Air Report is a key step in providing timely and actionable information so urban citizens can avoid air pollution peaks.

Triple Bottom Line


Air pollution is one of the most dangerous environmental threats, and creating awareness about it is an important step to fight it.


The app already has more than 175,000 users who can plan their daily activities according to air pollution levels, improving their health.


As air pollution costs European economies $1.6 trillion a year in diseases and deaths, mitigating its effects is of the utmost importance to the global economy.


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