Solar Storage Community Platform

Combining solar polar, advanced battery technology, and a digital community, sonnen enables the delivery, storage, use, and trade of clean and affordable energy.


App to Remotely Monitor Beehives

This remotely monitored scale for beehives provides beekeepers with real-time data on the state of their hives, allowing them to improve conditions for bees, which are vital for pollination.


App for Remote Eye Care Diagnosis

The Vula Mobile app improves eye care diagnosis, treatment, and referrals by putting health workers in rural areas directly in touch with eye specialists.


Harnessing Energy from Radio Waves

Freevolt is an energy-harvesting technology that turns radio waves into usable electricity to charge lowpower electronic devices for the Internet of Things.


Heating Homes with Computing Power

Instead of deploying computer servers in data centers here they require cooling, Nerdalize distributes servers in existing buildings to heat homes.


Intelligent Indoor Farming Platform

Agrilyst’s platform tracks and analyzes indoor farm data in one place, enabling farmers to monitor and optimize plant performance and reduce operating expenses.

Low-Cost Smart Greenhouses

Illuminum Greenhouses makes low-cost, locally produced greenhouses that can be monitored and remotely controlled via text messages.

Formalizing Urban Recyclers

The City of Buenos Aires is providing its once informal recyclers with formal recognition as well as salaries, safety equipment, and a covered space to sort materials.

Embracing Water in a Delta City

The Gentilly Resilience District seeks to reduce flood risk, slow land subsidence, improve public health, and create jobs in a fl ood-prone, mixed-income area of New Orleans.

Smart Cane Detects Raised Objects

SmartCane Device is an electronic travel aid for visually impaired people that fits atop a white cane and helps detect raised objects within a range of three meters.

Upcycling Old Blankets into Coats

Dutch design duo Wintervacht is giving new life to textiles that have otherwise lost their purpose by making coats from old blankets without compromising on style, quality, and aesthetics.

Cement-Free Mortar

KALK has developed a mortar without cement, which can be used in new construction and even be recycled, making it the world’s fi rst mortar to be Cradle to Cradle certified.

Growing Bricks with Bacteria

BioMASON’s technology combines microorganisms with locally available materials to produce bricks in just a few days, and with a smaller environmental impact.

Shower Head Optimizes Water Usage

Nebia’s advanced nozzle technology atomizes a normal solid stream of water into millions of little droplets that significantly reduce water use, while enhancing comfort.

Algae-Based 3D-Printing Feedstock

Bringing algae from pond to production, ALGIX utilizes algae blooms to produce biodegradable 3D-printing feedstock, which requires less energy during the printing process.